Asia Fx offers multiple online trading platforms for Shares and our other CFD products

Shares Trading is a popular form of trading and is known all over the world.You can grow by trading into the shares of the leading companies in the global market.

You can trade with desired leverage and lowest commission on a transaction. When a trader trade with shares CFDs they don’t need to own them physically, we make it easy for traders by profiting them with the price movements.

Shares take a position on more than 9,400 global shares, including 1,000 ETFs. Asia Fx Pro offers CFDs on many popular stocks including Apple,BP,Lloyds Banking group, Tesco,Rio Tinto and many more.

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Country No. of sharesMargin rate from CommissionTrading hrs
UK89420%0.10%Daily 08:00-16:30 Sell Buy
US4,33020%2 centsDaily 14:30-21:00 Sell Buy
Australia39220%0.10%Daily 23:00-05:00 Sell Buy
Austria3220%0.10%Daily 08:00-16:30 Sell Buy
Belgium5920%0.10%Daily 08:00-16:30 Sell Buy
Canada57220%2 centsDaily 14:30-21:00 Sell Buy
Denmark5220%0.10%Daily 08:00-15:50 Sell Buy
Finland6420%0.10%Daily 08:00-16:20 Sell Buy
France29020%0.10%Daily 08:00-16:30 Sell Buy
Germany21620%0.10%Daily 08:00-16:30 Sell Buy
Hong Kong64920%0.18%Daily 01:30-04:00
and 05:00-08:00
Sell Buy
Ireland2420%0.10%Daily 08:00-16:30 Sell Buy

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